Galaxy vs. Chivas….

So I was lucky enough to be in town the weekend Chivas was playing the Galaxy for the Superliga match up! Chivas is an amazing futbol club out of Mexico and is always a blast to see! The game was held at the LA Coliseum (which by the way is no Home Depot Center) this past Saturday. Meg, Austin, and me were even luckier to sit in the VIP area in the stadium :)!

Despite the Chivas win (2-1), it was a good game to watch overall…not a blowout and there was no clearcut domination, which is always a plus! Of course most people could care less about which teams were playing, but rather if Beckham was playing. Of course he didn’t due to an injury, but I did see him from a distance! Hahaha! Believe me, I think he is good looking BUT I REALLY wanted to see him in action out there with Landon!! Looks like I will have to go to another Galaxy game in the future…hehehe!

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