Mandatory Numero Uno y Dos

So I kinda fell behind on my blogging so here is one of my catch up blogs…hahaha…a combo of two weekend mandatory’s….

So the last weekend of Feb, we (14 Mizuno) traveled to SD for the first SCVA mandatory. In the pool, we had the good, the bad, and the really ugly (the reffing was HORRID). After we finished the pool (in 2nd place due to a hard, but good loss to OCVBC in 3) we played our first playoff game…and started an amazing run. We literally came out on fire and never looked back. Now, one, this was the first tourney and people are really going to gun for us…Two, Encinitas’ top team is playing in the 15’s division this year…Three, we still have a ton to work on….all GOOD things to push us going into March and April…YEA! Anyways, the girls have taken my computer and taken pics AND now my camera and taken both pics & video! Hahaha….so here they are….

My Computer Photo Booth

The Girl’s So Grabbed My Camera!

And in the second mandatory this past weekend, we knew that we were the target of many teams…haha. This tourney, in my opinion, was MUCH harder since all the other 14’s are getting better and have nothing to lose when they play us. For the most part, we played pretty well (minus the Coast playoff match). And in the end, we WON!! We are so proud of the girls!! And of course…we have yet another mandatory this next sunday…so we will see how things go!!


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